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Thermoforming Process Flow

1. Design for Thermoforming

Indu Thermoforming Pvt. Ltd. has a team of engineers and manufacturing experts that will work with you from your initial product design through completion. Incorporating thermoforming design principles into your concept or converting designs from other manufacturing process to maximize the benefits of plastic thermoforming and minimize cost and delays for your application.


2. Thermoplastic material selection

Thermoplastic material options are available that meet even the strictest requirements for strength, durability, impact resistance, and weather resistant of industries from aviation and mass transportation to medical device and industrial equipment. 

3. Tooling Design 
The mold or tooling is the foundation on which your part is formed. Proper tooling design and construction is essential to producing high quality parts repeatedly. Indu Thermoformers will work with your unique design to create precise temperature controlled aluminium tooling, FRP tooling and prototyping using MDF tooling to ensure that your parts are consistently of the highest quality and exact tolerances.

4. Thermoforming
Here is where your part really starts to take shape. Your mold is installed and calibrated into a thermoforming machine. The thermoplastic specifically selected for your application is heated to forming temperature and vacuum or pressure formed over the mold to create your part.


5. CNC Trimming
Once your part has been thermoformed and has cooled, it will likely require trimming to remove excess plastic and add design features such as louvers and other cutouts. Productive Plastics uses multi axes, CNC trimming machines, and custom trim fixtures to process your part to your exact specifications.

6. Attachments, bonding & assembly
Once your part is formed and trimmed, Indu Thermoformers offers secondary operations such as installing attachments and hardware, bonding fixtures, and assembly of multi-part projects. These services reduce cost and lead time by consolidating your supply-chain. Coupled with our finishing operations, your parts will arrive at your facility in turnkey condition.


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