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Small Beads

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape using a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. The product is then taken off the mold and excess plastic is trimmed and recycled.

This fast and inexpensive technology requires less lead time and has lower tooling costs than injection molding or machining while also offering a lower part cost than 3D printing.

Thermoformed Products

Autonomous Robot Covers

Dynamo 500.png
Dynamo 200.jpeg

Thermoforming offers many benefits compared to traditional Sheet Metal and FRP (Glass Fibre) covers.

Some of these benefits include:
- Lower Cycle Times
- Low Cost
- Shorter Lead Times
- Recyclable
- Ability to add details and freedom of design

Pictured below are covers made from Fire Retardant ABS plastic for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Automotive Parts

Automotive manufacturers rely heavily on thermoforming because of its cost effectiveness, ease of design and tooling, and speed from prototype to production. Indu Thermoformers has designed and thermoformed headlight bezels, interior door panels, headliners, dashboard panels and numerous other parts for the big name automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Automotive Bed Liner HDPE
Automotive - Golf Cart ABS Part

Consumer & Retail Packaging Design

Retail Packaging
Biscuit Tray
Retail Packaging

Retail packaging has to be functional and appealing. Consumer goods like electronics, health and beauty products and sporting goods products need to arrive at the store safe and undamaged — but they also have to look good on the shelf when sitting next to its competitor. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, Indu Thermoformers can help design a custom retail package that has the functionality you need and the visual appeal that makes your product stand out.

Retail Packaging

Mass Transit Thermoforming

From custom made seat backs on an airplane, to thermoformed seats on a subway, Indu Themroformers can design a product around your specific needs. In the mass transit industry space, weight and cost are extremely important factors. Thermoformed plastic is lighter compared to other fiberglass options, resulting in fuel savings and higher profits.

Budget conscious mass transit companies are always seeking ways to cut costs. Fiberglass manufacturing is usually labor intensive compared to thermoforming plastic. While fiberglass usually requires several tools and many hands to create one product, thermoforming is an automated process with a one time tooling setup, saving on tooling and labor.

Thermoforming also offers shorter lead times. Once the tooling is machined, we can start producing parts right away. Your tooling can be stored for later production runs as well. And thermoformed plastic is durable and reliable, wears well, can be easily cleaned and resists corrosion.

Whether redesigning a fleet or creating an entirely new product, contact Indu Thermoformers and put our 40 years of thermoforming experience to work for you.

Mass Transit Seat Back Cover ABS
Mass Transit ABS FR V0 Cover
Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 1.43.03 PM.png

Medical Device Thermoforming

Medical Device Thermoforming
MRI Machine Thermoforming

Whether your medical packaging has to be sterilized or you need a prototype for your medical diagnostic equipment, Indu Thermoformers can design, thermoform and produce your product entirely in-house, keeping prices down and projects under budget.


Most medical diagnostic equipment is manufactured from thermoformed plastics. MRI and X-Ray machines have enclosures and covers that protect their internal electrical and mechanical structures. Thermoformed parts provide cost effective protection as well as aesthetic appeal.

Indu Thermoformers can supply low cost tooling on your thermoforming projects, withs shorter time from concept to completion to get you to market faster. Our engineers can guide you every step of the way. From design to production, Indu Thermoformers has the solution for you.

Thermoformed parts are used for the following uses

  • Device enclosures and and structural coverings

  • CT scanner components

  • MRI diagnostic components

  • PET scanner components

  • X-ray imaging components

  • Ultrasound imaging components

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Patient bed components

  • Monitoring equipment enclosures

  • Lavatory components

  • Medical cart paneling and surrounds

Agricultural Trays

8 feet x 4 feet hydroponic tray Black Tray v2.jpg
98 cell Seedling tray v2.jpg
Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Tray

Indu Thermoformers manages an extensive product portfolio which have been tested through the years with a variety of crops to help growers maximise their yields. All Indu Thermoformers trays are food grade.

Made from ABS and HIPS plastic, these field proven products will last you many many years. We understand that every farmer has different needs so we can offer custom designs suited to your growing needs. The colour, thickness, texture, material can be customised as per your needs. 

Since we are manufacturers, we give you the cheapest prices that allow you to invest in your farm in other ways.

We are stocked in several online retailers and brick & mortar stores around the world who help hobbyists and commercial growers alike.

Shipping with us is easy as we partner with leading shipping companies in the world to get you the trays in perfect condition.

Material Handling Trays / Dunnage Trays

Indu Thermoformers has made thermoformed plastic trays across a variety of industries such as aerospace, medical, industrial, electronics, and military.

We have manufactured trays for applications that include the following:

  • Shipping Trays: used to transport all types of products; custom designs & materials are used to optimally ship the product based on specific requirements and can protect expensive electronic, medical, or precision machined components. They can be both stackable and nestable, and we can even add ESD protection

  • Material Handling Trays: used for a variety of end-use applications to transport and contain materials with specific properties

  • Pick & Place Trays: manufacturing aid used to organize parts during the manufacturing process

  • Part Protection Trays: delicate, expensive or unstable parts can be easily stored and transported in custom thermoformed trays

  • ESD protection Trays: dissipate static to protect sensitive electronic components

  • Automation Trays: used as an in-house manufacturing aid for various high technology processes, including but not limited to high volume injection molding

  • Medical Trays: used in a variety of medical applications requiring highly custom properties, design & quality

  • Drip Trays: often used in scientific or medical test equipment to contain fluids & avoid dripping or leaching of chemicals in the process of using equipment. Low cost thermoformed HDPE or Polypropylene trays can capture caustic chemicals and prevent corrosion to expensive equipment

Black Material Handling Tray
White Material Handling Tray
Material Handling Trays ESD
Material Handling Bins
Dunnage Tray Ford.png

Advertisement / Signage Applications

Indu Thermoformers partners with several companies to provide them with custom solutions for their advertising and signage needs. 

HIPS, ABS, PETG and PVC are generally used for point of purchase displays, dummies and signages. We also partner with several printing solutions companies to provide the complete package. 

Advertisement - Point of Sale Display Kingfisher.png
Advertisement - AC dummies
HP Logo HIPS Advertisement
Laptop Dummy HIPS


All refrigerators and freezer door liners are thermoformed. Some dishwashers and clothes dryers, air conditionershumidifiers, computers and television cabinets are also made by thermoforming.

These part are usually made from HIPS or ABS. From inner liners and doors on refrigerators, to coffee makers and cappuccino machines, Indu Thermoformers has the experience to custom design and thermoform the parts you need. 

ABS Cover Industrial
Refrigerator Liner HIPS
HIPS Refrigerator Panel

List of Products we offer

Thin Gauge Applications

  • Clamshell Packaging

  • Food Clamshell Packaging

  • Medical Clamshell Packaging

  • Retail Tri-Fold Packaging

  • Packaging Blisters

  • Point of Purchase Displays

  • Food Packaging

  • Retail Packaging

  • Pick and Place Trays

  • Drip Trays

  • Shipping Trays

  • Material Handling Trays and Covers

  • Packaging Inserts

  • Ampoule Trays

  • Antistatic Trays

  • ESD Trays

  • Electronic Trays

  • Confectionery Trays

Thick Gauge Applications

  • Robot Covers

  • Pallets

  • Dunnage trays

  • Totes & Bins

  • Housings

  • Enclosures

  • Bezels

  • Guards

  • Radomes

  • Components

  • Airport Luggage Totes

  • Medical Devices

  • Aerospace Interiors

  • Workout Equipment

  • Automotive Interior/Exterior

  • Fascias

  • Automotive Dunnage

  • Electronic Components

  • Industrial Covers

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