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We make vacuum forming and thermoforming

Our Factory


"Factory is not just what it looks like and feels like. Factory is how it works"

We have a state-of-the art manufacturing unit for Thermoforming process with complete in-house solutions right from Designing to Prototyping and Production

The 30,000 sq. ft facility in Vasai near Mumbai houses sheet extruders and thermoforming machines to produce thick and thin sheet products

Key Machines

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1 x HIPS/ABS/PP/HDPE Sheet Extruder with co-extrusion. Capacity of producing upto 100 Tonnes/day. The machine can produce sheets with thickness varying from 0.3 mm upto 8 mm. Maximum sheet width possible on the machine is 1800 mm

2 x Thick Sheet Thermoforming Machines with maximum forming area of 1500 mm x 2000 mm & 1300 mm x 1800 mm having capability to Thermoform Products upto 600 mm deep. These machines are ideal for forming thick sheet products such as automotive products, refrigeration, etc.

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2 x Semi-Automatic Thin Sheet Thermoforming Machines with forming area 500 mm x 600 mm. These machines are ideal for forming thin sheet products such as trays, packaging items, etc.

Our Story

The Vision of our Founder Mr. B P Doshi in 1964 to make a company complete in Thermoforming making us today one of the oldest Thermoforming companies in India.

The company is now led by Mr Nirmal Doshi in new direction to be the provider of Complete Thermoforming Solutions in India.

The company which was started by a single person in a 200 sq. foot plant in Mumbai now employs around 50 persons in its new & modern 20,000 sq. foot facility in Vasai near Mumbai. 

We cater to all types of Thermoform-able plastic solutions to improve the basic needs of the Industry. ITPL provides a complete solution from initial design concepts to CAD/CAM mould development, Sheet Production, Product Designing, Prototyping and Final Production.

We work with the client on one-to-one basis to completely understand the client's requirement and provide the best possible solution.

ITPL also actively participates in National and International Trade Fairs and is an associate member of Leading Plastic Organisations.

ITPL also has worked with leading Universities in India to bridge the gap between research & industry in the field of Thermoforming.

With it's vision being "Innovations in Thermoforming with Cost- effectiveness" the company strives hard to not only provide innovative solutions but also provides solutions at an economic cost.