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Plastic Sheets


We provide make plastic sheets from 0.1 mm to 10 mm with maximum width of 1600 mm.


We have the capability to manufacture various colors and texture finishes based on our customer’s requirements. 

We also provide special features in our plastic sheets: Fire resistant, UV resistant, 2-color, Anti-static, Biodegradable.


Thickness Range from 0.1mm to 10mm 

Thermoforming is a process that transforms a sheet of plastic into a functional form.

Our thermoforming technology is a good choice for meeting the specialised needs for plastic parts such as: 

  • Large and strong parts capable of withstanding high levels of stress

  • Multiples parts assemblies, minimising tooling costs over injection moulding

  • Application specific material selection for superior performance  

Molds & Tools

Wood | Epoxy | FRP | Aluminium

Molds and Tools are the heart of the Thermoforming process. Molds will determine the desired shape of the part and various tools are used to trim / assemble the part.

We have in-house mold and tool making facility for faster and superior quality molds. Molds can be made out of wood, epoxy resin, FRP or aluminium. The choice of material depends on the plastic material, number of production parts and their quality.  



Indu Thermoformers Pvt. Ltd. is an established global partner for plastic sheet extrusion and thermoformed plastic parts. As a third generationfamily business, we attach great importance to quality and absolute precision. We see ourselves more as a partner than as a vendor or supplier. 

Everyday, Indu Thermoformers Pvt. Ltd. develops new products to individual specifications and prepares them for serial production with project-specific tools - to stringent quality standards. Our lean structure and strong internal quality management system allows us to optimise and monitor every single process. 

The vision of our Founder Mr. Bhanuchandra Doshi "Innovations in Thermoforming with Cost- effectiveness", our group strives hard to not only provide innovative solutions but also provides solutions at an economic cost. We cater to all types of Thermoformable plastic solutions to improve the basic needs of the Industry. We are always investing in the latest technologies to deliver superior quality products to our clients. We actively participate in National and International Trade Fairs and are associate members of Leading Plastic Organisations.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit for Thermoforming process with complete in-house solutions right from Designing to Prototyping to Production. The 30,000 sq. ft facility in Vasai near Mumbai houses sheet extruders and thermoforming machines to produce thick and thin sheet products.





Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machines

Maximum Output: 400 kgs/hr

The sheet extruder is composed of extrusion, calendaring, traction and rolling. The machine extrudes granule to sheet , which is used for producing plastic products by plastic thermoforming machines, like cups, food container, trays, dishes, bowls, lids, etc. 

Our plastic sheet extrusion machines have capability to plastic sheets from 0.1 mm to 10 mm with maximum width of 1600 mm.

Thick Gauge Thermoforming Machines

Maximum Forming Area: 1500mm x 2500mm

Our thick gauge thermoforming machines are of the latest technology to provide highest quality and accurate parts. They have several features to enhance the part quality such as heater controls, temperature sensing, pre-blow, sag control, etc. 

Common Polymers used: ABS, ASA , PMMA, PC, HIPS, HDPE, PET – thickness range 1 to 10 mm

Thin Gauge Thermoforming Machines

Maximum Forming Area: 500mm x 600mm

Our thin gauge thermoforming machines are fully automatic, precise, high-speed continuous machines developed for the international thermoforming industry. 

These machines can be used for forming a wide variety of materials - such as PLA, PS, PET and PP 

Cutting Routers

Plastic | Wood 

Our Cutting Routers are specifically developed for three-dimensional machining and  holding tight tolerances. Our Routers are designed to greatly improve cut quality, cycle times and accuracy by automating your process and creating a safer environment. 

CNC Machines

Aluminium | Steel | Nylon

A vertical mill CNC machine is used to produce the highest quality and accurate molds and tools. A CNC router is a computer controlled machine that can hold much tighter and more consistent tolerances than hand held tools. Our CNC machine is of the latest technology to ensure precise parts. 





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